Episode#20 Saving The Future From Nihilism

Pablo Picasso’s Guernica (1937)

How do we save the future from Nihilism? Nihilism is one of the biggest threat that prevents humanity from creating the future we desire both in our individual lives, our communities and in the world.  

Join host, Fabrice Guerrier in this Season 3 premiere of The Fabrice Guerrier Show as he explores through a monologue key ideas to living an empowered life and bringing forth the future that is waiting to be born through you.


The poet Muriel Rukeyeser said, “The world is not made of atoms, but of stories.”

I see nihilism as the biggest threat to creating the future we want. We live in a nihilistic world now. It is devoid of shared mythologies and stripped of meaning. Nihilism for me as it manifest in current world is tied to a sense hopelessness, mental health, distrust in politics, lack of imagination, lack of deep meaning and creativity, toxic forms of individualism, the void, irrational patterns that are not life giving.

What nihilism is not 

  1. Rage and anger are not nihilism 
  2. Trauma is not nihilism 
  3. Nihilism cannot exist in the Heart 

Nihilism is a interdimensional monster  

I want to say it’s not your fault. What you feel is what the media is thinking and has portrayed through its endless images and symbols. It is what world has depicted inside all of us wanting to make boundaries out of our lives and our shared bonds.

Indecision is where nihilism thrives

Make a decision and get on with it. Be comfortable with constant state of change and transformation through making decision and understanding why you made that choice.

Welcome spontaneity and play in your life

Welcome play despite the horrors and the suffering all around.

Transforming Nihilism into Stoicism

Nihilism can be used as a force for good if conquered and weaponized internally to help you deconstruct and recreate your life at will.

Create, create, create and create some more

You cannot be a nihilistic and create at the same time. Nihilism doesn’t permit us to create. I believe creating is the antithesis of Nihilism. Create through words, journaling, art, music, conversations, organizations and businesses, your life, relationships and connections, film, poetry, food, theatre, drawing, physical exercise, dancing, photography and so much more. Keeping creating as it’s an engagement with this decaying world and yourself. Next is to create a body of work around what you are creating.

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